Hera Lipgloss Duo

Hera Lipgloss Duo
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Lipgloss Duo
the unity of lip balm and lip gloss, caring for lips in natural color 

This dual gloss is consisted of lip balm providing natural color to lips and lip gloss making lips lustrous. 

Lip balm: Applied smoothly and moistly, this lip balm of tint type provides natural color to lips. It's ingredient, Lip-Treatment Complex, keeps lip's skin moist and elastic. Aqua-Holding Complex, the ingredient of Liquid Crystal which is similar to human skin, creates lip protection film holding moisture for a long time and keeping lips healthy. 

Lip gloss: Shiny Polymeric Network having high light reflectivity adheres to lips strongly and provides long-lasting luster. 

Very smart item functioning as make-up and skin care that protect the skin from external environmentat at a time. 

Lip Balm: 4g, Lip Gloss: 2.5ml

How to use 
1. For using lip balm, open the cap and apply it to lips several times to present tint style. (It can be weaker than lipstick because of containing a lot of moisturizing ingredients. So apply it gently several times.) 
2. For using lip gloss, hold and turn the center of the stick and use the tip attached on that.  
3. For using two items together, apply lip balm first and lip gloss next. 
4. In case of using with other lipstick, apply lip balm before lipstick or apply lip gloss after lipstick.