Hera Aquabolic Mineral Sleeping Mask

Hera Aquabolic Mineral Sleeping Mask
Hera Aquabolic Mineral Sleeping Mask
Brand: Hera
Product Code: Aquabolic Mineral Sleeping Mask
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Cell activating moisture mask to control the skin moisture balance over night
This is the intensive moisturizing product for the damaged skin from dryness and the pack product to provide the required deep moisture and realize the moisturizing recovery effect. 

Moisture gel of 13 powerful moisturizing ingredients provides the immediate moisture and makes you realize the moisturized skin right after application. 

Biolipid capsule copied from the skin lipid playing a important role in skin moisture, and Bioimineral as a common ingredient in aquabolic line cover the skin over night for the recovery of skin's own moisturizing effect. 

With non-sticky but moist feeling, you can realize the moisturized skin until next morning from sleeping. This patented ingredient generate breathing and moisturized protective films to the skin by reproducing skin's protective films. 

Biolipid capsule bursts easily when spreading over the skin, is evenly applied to reproduce body's protective films, and is tightly adhesive to the skin to cover with moisture for breathing moisturizing films.

How to apply

1-2 time(s) a week, in the skin care's final stage, spread the suitable amount over the face, and you can sleep as it is after the pack is absorbed about in 15 minutes. Biolipid capsule bursts when applying and works to gets absorbed into the skin.