Hera Preperfection Serum

Hera Preperfection Serum
Hera Preperfection Serum Hera Preperfection Serum Hera Preperfection Serum
Brand: Hera
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Cell-renewal boosting serum containing highly concentrated ABcell for skin regeneration

Cell-renewal skin care promoting skin's health fundamentally 
This serum contains ABcell, the ingredient that renews cells and is intimate with skin. Applied in first step in skin care, it delivers cell-renewal ingredients to skin deeply in a moment and keeps the skin healthy fundamentally.

Daily anti-aging care providing transparency and luster to the skin
Carbonated protein which is increased rapidly by daily stress in an instant causes aging and diminishes brightness and smoothness the skin originally has. Bio-Peptides perfectly remove carbonated protein which is the main cause of aging, erase the marks of aging and restore the skin's original brightness and luster. 

Boosting effect maximizing the following makeup's benefits 
Applied every morning and night after cleansing and toner, it opens the skin by cell-vitalization and redoubles the efficiency of following makeup products.


How to use
After washing your face, pump 1~2 time(s) and spread the suitable amount over your face.