Hera Pore Control Serum

Hera Pore Control Serum
Hera Pore Control Serum Hera Pore Control Serum
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Sebum Re-balancing Care that can help clear excess oil causing the enlarged pores
Oil absorbing pressed powder helps clear excess oil causing the enlarged pores.  Also, Epilobium helps block the acceleration of enzymes, which promote the production of sebum, and balance the skin's oiliness.

Pore Reforming Care that helps minimize and tighten the pores
Biofixer and ABcell, which stimulates the cellular regeneration, make the cell around pores regenerate and increase skin elasticity.

*Biofixer: It is a polypeptide ingredient that promotes Decorin and Collagen, which help remove dead cells in the pores.

Clears away not only sebum deep in the pores but blackheads as well
The hypoallergenic and natural ingredient helps remove dead skin cells, promote healthy cell turnover, and balance sebum control. Furthermore, it helps to prevent the appearance of blackheads by avoiding wastes in the pores. Siberian Plant Peptide prevents your skin from getting any problem and makes it calm.

*Siberian Plant Peptide: It is the Peptide extracted from skullcap plants, which grow high in the mountains of Siberian


How to use
Apply after emulsion in the morning and evening.