Ohui Black Serum

Ohui Black Serum
Ohui Black Serum
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Every moment of every day our skin cells are attacked by excessive free radicals produced in our skin by various invironmental irritants such as UV light, air pollution, stress etc.. O HUI Black Serum eliminates such harmful free radicals, prevents damage to skin cells, and actively heads off the skin-aging process. It also has antioxidant essence that removes active oxygen and prevent damage of skin.

The shield, spear and nutrient for skin:

O HUI Black Serum's 3 Step Secret

  Ⅰ.  Moringa

For thousands of years this Moringa tree had protected the Nile River. Moringa's superior adsorptive power the pollutants, keep the Nile River clean. This mysterious Moringa      extract will prevent your skin from the harmful stress.

  Ⅱ.  Black knight Complex

Black crow berry, 2 times of antioxidants than usual berry, grow wild north Europe's clean area. Black Olive, 10 times of antioxidants than green tea. Black Ginseng, 4~6 years old ginseng, 9 times of steam boil and dry. These Black knight Complex will eliminates the free oxygen radicals.

  Ⅲ. EGF™  

Extracted from Phytoplankton, will give your skin nutrient energy.

Recommend for these people.

  •        who gets a lot of stress.
  •        who gets outdoor life for long time.
  •        who enjoys smoking and drinking.
  •        who enjoys instant foods.
  •        whe worris about wrinkle and elasticity.

How to apply

After skin toner, pump 1~2 times and apply to your face following to skin texture. If you are doing double use with another essence, apply this Black Serum first. And then apply other essence.