Clinic Science

O HUI Clinic Science

   The New Solution to The Sensitive Skin.

  O HUI with its proprietary science, technology, innovation, and fresh ideas is

   offering smart solutions to address your skin concerns.

   O HUI Clinic Science provides the finishing touches you need to perfect your beauty.

   With O HUI Clinic Science, perfect beauty is more than a dream. It's a reality! 

Is your face.....?

       The T zone has heavy sebum.

       There are much black head around your nose.

       Not long after wash, your face become greasy.

       Acne and rash or pimples come out repeatedly.

       Make up will disapprea in short time.

       Large pore and can be seen the sebum and rough skin.

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Ohui Clinic Science Deep Medi-Cleansing Foam
A cleansing form that washes away excess sebums, and cleans pores with a dual exfoliating action..
Ohui Clinic Science Full Medi-Moisturiser
A mineral oil-free moisturiser to adjust the balance of moisture and oil, giving skin a more sle..
Ohui Clinic Science Pore-Tightening Controller
Containing serum and a balm, Ohui Clinic science pore tightening controller 2.0 is a dedicated p..
Ohui Clinic Science Refining Medi-Toner
An alcohol-free toner that gives the skin crisp look and cleanses the skin clear. 150ml ..
Ohui Clinic Science Trouble Clear Controller
DAY: removes the sebum created druing the day and balances moisture and oil in the skin.   ..