Ohui Clinic Science Deep Medi-Cleansing Foam

Ohui Clinic Science Deep Medi-Cleansing Foam
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Product Code: Clinic Science Deep Medi-Cleansing Foam
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A cleansing form that washes away excess sebums, and cleans pores with a dual exfoliating action. 

The first step of Clinic Science 3+1 Step which fundamentally ends the malignant circle of oily skin. The cleansing foam thoroughly cleans excess sebum and purifies pores through double exfoliating and helps managing clean and soft skin. The applicator helps cleaning skin pore deep inside, which is also helpful for removing blackheads. Ideal for sensitive and acne skin.

How to apply

After wetting your face with warm water, apply appropriate amount of product to the applicator and gently massage your face with it in circles with enough foam. In areas of blackhead and excess sebum, massage thoroughly in small circles. Wash off the product with water.

 Clinic Science 3 Step 

   .. step 1. deep medi-cleansing foam

   .. step 2. refining medi-toner

   .. step 3. full medi-moisturizer


Keep particles out of eyes. If any particle enters an eye, rinse with running water. Avoid rubbing the eye. If the particle is still in the yey, consult a medical professional.