The history of whoo Soo Yeon Cream

The history of whoo Soo Yeon Cream
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Soo Yeon Cream sustains the moist feeling by energizing the skin through allevation of the dryness of the skin, exposed to hazardous environment.

This is a jell-type moisture cream which helps protects skin from dryness due to various harmful oxygenand natural stress. It provides energy like pure oxygen on the skin and manage the bright energy and water vein of your skin. And is also ideal for skin types that is not too dry, but  has to maintain sense of moisture for a long time.


How to apply

Use the following steps after washing the face for best results: 

1st Step : Gongjinhyang In Yang Balancer

2nd Step : Gongjinhyang:Soo Soo Yeon Essence

4th Step : Gongjinhyang:Soo Soo Yeon Cream

5th Step : Gongjinhyang:Soo Soo Yeon Jin Cream